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Five Ways to Be Healthy on a Budget

Some people are under the impression that it takes a lot of money to be healthy. That is not the case at all. Good health doesn’t require a big financial investment. It does, however, require an investment of time, creativity, and the utilization of free resources. Get healthy on a budget by doing the following: […]

28 July 2015 No comment
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Five Healthy Snacks for Night Time Snacking

If cravings are strong at night, why not indulge them with a healthy snack? The right foods pack a lot of flavor, vitamins, and nutrients into each satisfying bite. Rather than binge on fatty, sugary, and salty foods, squelch cravings with one of the items off this list.

23 July 2015 No comment
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A Better Alternative to Calorie Counting

People often believe that the secret to weight loss involves counting calories.  It does to an extent but it’s more important to analyze the source of the calories we eat.  For example, a person who eats a 500 calorie meal at a restaurant may not get the same nutritional value from the foods they eat […]

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Launch of INRFOOD 2.0

Welcome to the NEW INRFOOD! We have relaunched INRFOOD to give people more control of their nutrition, beginning with a better understanding of what goes into today’s foods and how dietary decisions directly affect peoples’ health and wellness. With its assortment of new practical tools like calorie counting and ingredient analysis, the new, customizable free […]

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