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How Healthy Snacks Can Increase Your Profit!

As the maximum people in the world are getting health conscious they all want to be fit and look slim and trim, but many a time we don’t know how much to eat and what to eat. This question has arrived in maximum people’s mind. As there are many diseases increasing rapidly because of our […]

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How Much is Too Much Sodium?

If you love the taste of salty food, listen up. A diet too high in sodium can affect your heart, brain, and even bone health according to Medical Daily. The health-related news site writes, “Sodium plays a key role in balancing the levels of fluid in our bodies by signaling to the kidneys when to […]

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Why Is Healthy Snacks The Most Trending Thing Now?

Snack are the all time favorite for all age group people if its a child they love to eat chips biscuits cookies etc. Any time of the day or it may be young people or older one will always have a urge to eat something after interval of time it not always healthy food stuff […]

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Useful Tips From Experts In Calorie Counting

Calories as famous and most worried word in today’s generation. Everyone is concern about how much calories they have taken for the day. As all dietitian or any health magazines always say to count your calories intake it should not exceed otherwise it will get stored in form of fat and will increase our weight […]

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Benefits of Eat, Food and Health Mobile Applications

Everyone want to look attractive and presentable with best body and physic. As we all know a healthy body will attract many beautiful eye but in this current looks should not get effected. In this Busy and hectic life we can’t find a proper time to walk, eat healthy and manage ourself. Many times we […]

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Is Healthy Lifestyle The Most Trending Thing Now?

As generation are changing point of view is also changing. we change our eating habits from healthy food to all junk foods which are not good for our health. After generation to generation change we all have realized every 10 person out of 100 is either a heart patient or diabetic or will have other […]

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Making Healthy Eating with Daily Lifestyle

In Today’s life we value lot many things but not our own health, we value money, we value status, we value prosperity more than our health. In this we are forgetting our body’s need and desire. It is not possible to remove 2 hrs or 1 hrs to workout but we can easily maintain ourself […]

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Love Quinoa? Give Teff a Try!

If you love quinoa and millet, you’re certain to like teff. An ancient whole grain packed with calcium, iron, fiber, and protein, it adds a slightly sweet, nutty taste to foods. It’s gluten-free and perfect for use in main and side dishes as well as baked goods.

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The Best Website For Healthy Eating : INRFOOD

Whenever we hear diet means boring food and not eating for few day is called diet but in reality it is completely different. No one ever informed us about tasty diet food as per our requirement there is only one site or Api i.e INRFOODS Api where we can get answer to all our question. […]

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I Will Tell You The Truth About Nutrition Facts

Hunger is the biggest enemy of human being when we get hungry we don’t think about what we are eating and how we are eating, to fill our stomach we many a time eat junk food or food which contain lots of fats, calories and preservatives. Whenever we go to any food zone will try […]

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