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Extensive Product Database

Over 500,000+ products including international and private label. Plus there are 15,000+ ingredients for you to explore.


Food labels are one size fits all, but not here! We allow you to personalize your nutrition profile.

Nutrient Insights

Calories don’t always give you the full picture. With INRFOOD you can visualize all your nutrients easily and effectively

Ingredients breakdown

No more squinting at ingredient labels! View and learn about the ingredients in your favorite foods.

Compare Foods

No need to get whiplash comparing labels on 2 products, scan both barcodes and see a side by side comparison.

Alternative Foods

Find alternative foods personalized for your nutritional needs that are trending with other like users!

Customize your app

Nutritional needs are unique for each person. Customize your profile to alert you of any possible health concerns. You can visualize the nutrients in your food vs. what you need. See products trending with others that match your nutritional profile all in real time.

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Did you know?

Money spent on obesity related diseases in the US:

Today 0.95

This year 0.01

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