• The worlds largest and most accurate Food Product & Ingredient Datasets that are fully enriched with full nutrient breakdown and Medical, Health & Dietary Concerns.



  • INRFood API Platform

    Comprehensive Product & Nutrition Data REST API


    Our API provides full access to our dataset of 750k CPG, 15k ingredients with over 100 macro/micro-nutrient categories, and filter or find suggested matches of food products & ingredients by nutritional make-up, medical, health, and dietary concerns.

    REST based API access to all of our Product & Ingredient Data

    Easy to use cost effective API full access to our data

    Health, Medical & Diet Concerns

    All Data is enriched with medical, health, and dietary concerns

    Unique Product & Ingredient Suggestion System

    Find matching products/ingredients based on nutritional makeup, health, medical & diet concerns in real-time.

  • Nutrition, Product Data & Data Enrichment Services

    Market Leading Food Data Enrichment Services

    Product Data Licensing

    Nutrition Data with Medical, Health & Diet Concerns support

    We have one the largest food databases in the world:

    • 750,000 packaged and non-packaged foods.  
    • 15,000 ingredients
    • 70,000 restaurants and over 3 million menu items

    We are the only provider with Health & Dietary concerns for all ingredients and products.

    Data Enrichment Services

    Our data team is here to help you enrich your product

    Integration capabilities to multiple vertical markets.

    Our extensive data tools allow us to provide many services such as data integration, parsing of data and nutritional analysis.

  • White Label Apps & App Creation Services

    Work with our team to customize a food/nutrition related app for your needs

    Our white label program allows our partners to provide engagement through leveraging our preset apps or the creation of a new for your needs


    White label APP for Personalized Wellness Tracking

    " Diagnostic" app to utilize biometrics to personalize nutrition.
    Tracker is the flagship of our technology in that it captures an entire spectrum of personalization of lifestyle to include exercise, hydration, nutrition, and weight modules.


    White label APP for Ecommerce & Shopping

    Food labels are designed to be one sized fits all. Create the ability to personalize a food label with a simple scan. Included is the ability to compare 2 food labels side by side and utilize Machine Learning to identify the optimal choice for that user's needs.