Modified Whey



Modified Whey Is Whey That Has Been Coupled With A Polysaccharide By Enzymatic Methodsthis Improves Its Functional Properties So That Your Chocolate Won't Be A Pool Of Liquid Whey Or Milk Plasma Is The Liquid Remaining After Milk Has Been Curdled And Strainedit Is A By-product Of The Manufacture Of Cheese Or Casein And Has Several Commercial Usessweet Whey Is Manufactured During The Making Of Rennet Types Of Hard Cheese Like Cheddar Or Swiss Cheeseacid Whey (also Known As Sour Whey) Is Obtained During The Making Of Acid Types Of Cheese Such As Cottage Cheese Modified Whey Is Used In Making Baked Goods Like Bread, Pie Crusts Etcit Is Used In Diary Food Such As Cheese Sauces, Dips, Ice Creams Etc, In Dry Mixes Such As Macaroni And Cheese Mixes, Seasoning Mixes Etc, In Soups, In Meats Such As Hams And Sausages, And In Sweets As Coatings, Icings And Candiesmodified Whey Is Also Known As Permeates, Deproteinized Whey Or Diary Product Solidsmodified Whey Contains 85% Lactose, 1. 5% Of Fats, 20% Of Ash, 7% Protein And 5% Of Moisture.

Other use and industries

It Is Used As Feed For Swine, Dogs, Cats, Poultry And Other Animals. It Is Also Used As A Nutritional Supplement And In Soft Drinks. Along With Honey, It Can Be Used In Cosmetics Industry To Make Facial Masks.

Health effects

Because Whey Contains Lactose, It Should Be Avoided By Those Who Are Lactose Intolerantdried Whey, A Very Common Food Additive, Contains More Than 70% Lactose. When Used As A Food Additive, Whey Can Contribute To Quantities Of Lactose Far Above The Level Of Tolerance Of Most Lactose-intolerant Individuals. Liquid Whey Contains Lactose, Vitamins, Protein, And Minerals, Along With Traces Of Fatin 2005, Researchers At Lund University In Sweden Discovered That Whey Appears To Stimulate Insulin Release, In Type 2 Diabeticswriting In The American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition, They Also Discovered That Whey Supplements Can Help Regulate And Reduce Spikes In Blood Sugar Levels Among People With Type 2 Diabetes By Increasing Insulin Secretion A Study Conducted By Cross And Gill In 1999, Showed That Enzymatically Modified Whey Can Hamper The Process Of Lymphocyte Activation In The Body Against Cancer People Who Are Lactose Intolerant Can Not Consume Modified Whey Since Its Major Component Is Lactosehigh Doses Can Lead To Nausea, Thirst, Fatigue Etc People Who Are Vulnerable To Protein Allergies Are Also Suggested To Keep Away From Modified Whey.


Modified Whey Is A Co Product Of The Production Of Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Concentrate And Ultra-filtered Milk It Is Obtained By Removal Of Some Proteins And Minerals From Wheythe Production Of Modified Whey Has The Following Steps: Lactose Removal, Hydrolysis, Pre-treatment Of Calcium Trap Proteins, Hydrolysis Of The Pre-treated Proteins And Enzyme Inactivationthe Us, China And Switzerland Are Said To Be The Major Whey Producers In The World.
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